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About Us

Home of the Success Builds Success Approach

At Fitness for Health, we believe that reaching your physical potential goes hand-in-hand with believing in yourself. So we’ve created an innovative approach to fitness that focuses on both. We call it Success Builds Success.

How It Works

Success Builds Success is designed to help you reach small, attainable goals. With every achievement, you’ll discover that you’ve gained the confidence to take more risks and challenge yourself onto the next success. We make this possible through:

  • Goals and activities custom-tailored to your comfort level
  • Exergaming equipment that combines technology and movement to create challenges that are fun, not intimidating
  • A safe, nurturing environment and coaching style

More than Exercise: Exergaming

Our 4,400 square foot facility is not your average “run of the treadmill” gym. We use state-of-the-art exergaming systems—many of them custom-designed in partnership with leading manufacturers and used by professional athletic teams—to help you build core skills and self-confidence in the most wildly fun way imaginable. From our laser maze to 30-foot trampoline to our glow-in-the-dark climbing wall, we find endless ways to make fitness fun for you. Learn more about exergaming.

Building A Different Skill Set

Our programs are designed to help you shape the skills other fitness and training programs tend to ignore:

Gross and fine motor skills, including proprioception. Proprioception is the ability to innately sense your body’s position, movement, and spatial orientation, even when you’re not looking. Examples of this are running up and down steps without looking at each step, catching a fly ball, or closing your eyes and touching your nose.

Mental processing, motor planning, and motor sequencing—the ability to take information, process it, plan your next actions, and implement those actions. The goal is to improve your reaction timing and your ability to take timely and appropriate actions.

Visual-motor skills—like peripheral vision and efficient visual information processing—to enhance the mental connection between what you see and how your body reacts to it.

A Company Created to Serve Others

In 1989, Marc Sickel founded a company that would help families address the same challenges he faced as a child growing up with special needs—not just the physical challenges, but the emotional challenges as well. From that idea, Fitness for Health was born. His unique perspective has enabled Fitness for Health to create unique solutions that really work—even for families who have tried just about everything. Learn more about Marc.

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