What is Exergaming?

Exergaming combines the fun of video games, cutting-edge, high-tech equipment, and other creative tools with proven fitness tactics—such as heart-pumping movement or core building balance—to help children and adults build their strength, fitness, and self-confidence while having the most fun possible.

Why It Works

With exergaming, our clients have so much fun that they often forget or fail to realize that they’re also working out. The boredom or intimidation that may come with traditional workouts tends to disappear. Children and adults alike are inspired to keep going and to take new risks, and are excited to return for each session.

Who Can Benefit

Whether you are a person with special needs (occupational therapy, physical therapy, therapeutic exercise), a weekend warrior, someone that wants to get into better shape, in need of weight control, an athlete at any level seeking to improve their game  – – exergaming can help and in a big way!

“Moreover, the movement-based games seem to have the ability to support the psycho-motor and cognitive learning of motor skills (motor skills) for students with disabilities and may be useful for the management of behavioral disturbance and for increasing cognitive control in children on the autism spectrum.”¹¹Di Tore, P. A.: Exergames, motor skills and special educational needs. Sport Science 9, (2016) Suppl 2: 67-70

An Industry Leader in Exergaming

Led by Marc Sickel, a celebrated innovator in the field of exergaming, Fitness for Health has been Reinventing Exercise since 1989.  Many of our exergaming systems have been custom-designed in partnership with leading manufacturers and used by professional athletic teams, athletes, and race car drivers.