Don’t Be Scared Of These Halloween Fitness Games

October 29th, 2019

  • Have you ever played, “Plants vs. Zombies?” The goal is to place plants/obstacles in the way of zombies before they can enter your home.  Take a cue from this popular game and create your own backyard version.  Designate an area of the yard as the “house.”  It can even be your real house!  This will serve as the base.  Then, select one person to serve as the homeowner.  The rest of the family will be “zombies.”  The homeowner will create an obstacle course so the zombies have trouble invading the house.  If the zombies can maneuver the obstacle course and successfully reach the “home” before a set time, the zombies win.  Then, the homeowner becomes a zombie and a new homeowner is selected.
  • Play mummy! Use the obstacle course that you created for “Plants vs. Zombies.”  Split the family into two groups – “mummies” and “masters.”  Each mummy needs to be blindfolded so the master can verbally tell the mummy how to maneuver the course.  Each team takes a turn separately and, in between races, the family should rearrange the obstacle course so each team has a new course.  This prevents teams from hearing the directions and getting an upper hand as the games play on.  This fun game not only teaches teamwork but also relies on following verbal directions.
  • Do your kids like treasure hunts? Try a ghost hunt!  Create a list of Halloween-inspired objects to find within a 15 minute period.  The kids/”little ghosts” have to run as fast as they can to collect as many listed objects as possible and sprint back to the home base/”haunted house.”
  • Try broom racing! Leave sack racing to the annual family picnic.  Halloween is a great time to put a spooky spin on a family favorite.  Each racer should place a broom or stick between his/her legs and run or hop to a designated finish line.  What a great photo opportunity to remember your family holiday!
  • Survive the spider web maze. Is it too cold to play outdoors?  Create a lazer maze-like game in your hallway.  Create a maze out of cray paper that looks like a spider web.  Each family member has to weave his/her way through the spider maze without breaking the web.  Which family member is the fastest “fly” to climb over or under the web and survive?

Don’t forget that it takes imagination to create a Halloween costume – and a fun, inspired fitness program!  Happy Haunting! The family that plays together; stays together!  To learn about fun, fitness programs designed specifically to improve kids’ health, increase adult bone and joint health for parents, and help kids reach their full health potential, join us on Sunday, November 3, from 5pm – 6pm for a free tour of Fitness for Health’s therapeutic and training facility during our Open House.]]>

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