Erb’s Palsy

Treating Erb’s Palsy

At Fitness for Health, our physical and occupational therapists can help your child overcome the symptoms of Erb’s Palsy, so they can get back on their correct developmental track. Daily stretches and exercises can help maintain range of motion in the affected limb and can help to increase strength and functionality. 

How Can We Help at Fitness for Health?

  • Evaluate and identify muscle weakness that is present and work with your child to facilitate continued muscles strength and flexibility
  • Assist in reducing muscle tightness, as well as educate you on ways to prevent this muscle / joint contractures (tightening)
  • Encourage functional movement!

Help your child regain their strength

Our therapy team at Fitness for Health can help your child with Erb’s Palsy.  If interested in learning more, feel free to consult with one of our licensed therapists.