Forget Family Movie Night. Try Family Move Night

November 7th, 2017

  • Create and schedule weekly “family playtime” as your Family Move Night.  Make physical activities and games FUN for the whole family!  The key to successful participation is creativity and positive reinforcement as well as scheduling a regular time during the week as Family Move Night.  Families need to work – and play – together to enhance physical fitness while building stronger relationships.  With an integrated approach, parents, grandparents and children can create fun, recreational games that also increase self-esteem – and help families bond – while improving your bone and joint health, getting older family members thinking about fitness for seniors and encouraging younger family members to participate in varied activities to improve kids’ health.
  • Act like a kid again. Remember when physical activity used to be fun? When athletic training meant a pick-up game of Horse and not 30 minutes on the treadmill? Think back to your childhood to reminisce about the activities that you enjoyed. Did you love ballet class as a child? Going to the pool with your family? Ice skating with friends? What’s stopping you from participating in these activities as an adult and involving your children?
  • Make Family Move Night into a Date Night with your child.  Every child wants to feel special and parents with multiple children understand that scheduling individual time with a child can be difficult. Set aside one night a week to spend time with one child playing a sport or taking a fitness class that he or she chooses.  This not only helps you keep in touch with your child’s interests, but also allows you to make memories.
  • Be silly.  Who says fitness or Family Move Night has to be structured? Turn on your radio, blare some tunes and simply dance around your living room.  If dancing isn’t your thing, make an obstacle course out of your couch cushions, empty boxes and household toys. The only limit is your imagination!

To learn about fun, fitness programs designed specifically to improve kids health, increase adult bone and joint health and fitness for seniors, join us on Sunday, December 3, from 5pm – 6pm for a free tour of Fitness for Health’s therapeutic and athletic training facility during our Open House.  Can’t wait until December? Join us on Friday, November 17, from 7pm – 9pm for our monthly Open Gym where families ages 5+ can jump on the 30-foot trampoline, navigate the Laser Maze or try our rock climbing walls.]]>

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