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Group Exercise

Therapeutic exercise has many benefits for children from improving mental and physical well being to reducing the intensity of symptoms of chronic conditions. These benefits can be increased, when the exercise is done in a social setting. Physically, our group exercise program works on improving gross motor skills, coordination, motor planning, cardio endurance, and muscular strength. While socially, the program teaches teamwork, sharing, cooperation, patience, and self-control. All of this is done in a fun and nurturing environment. To see if a group exercise program is right for your child contact Fitness for Health today!

What are the benefits of group exercise?

Individual exercise programs are aimed at improving health and function.  While group exercise programs add a social-emotional component, to the benefits of exercise. By putting these two domains together, children learn to feel a greater sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy in physically active settings: such as on the playground or on a sports team.

Our Rockville, MD integrated care team are experts in creating and running exercise groups. Our integrated movement specialists will evaluate your child’s individual needs and abilities and find the ideal group to help him or her have a successful experience. At Fitness For Health, our goal is to help your child live a life where they feel confident in their physical and social abilities.

How to Get Started

Contact our office today in Rockville, MD to learn more about our Group Exercise Program.