Two soccer players running and kicking a soccer ball. Legs of two young football players on a match. European football youth player legs in action

Skill Building


  • want to quit sports?
  • come home frustrated from gym class?
  • not participate in recess with the other children?
  • struggle to participate in games at school?
  • complain about being picked last?
  • get sad or frustrated when playing games or sports?
  • exhibit a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem?

Learn or Improve riding a bike, shooting a basketball, throwing a football, catching a baseball, kicking a soccer ball, running better and more …

Fitness for Health’s skill building training will help your child to

  • Have more fun on the playground
  • Navigate through structured and unstructured game play
  • Prepare them to better transition into sports, organized or unorganized
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem

Individualized and Incredibly Fun Training

Our integrated movement specialists work with each family to create a customized plan of care that combines evidence-based sensory integration techniques and our innovative exergaming equipment—including a 3D virtual reality gaming system, a 30-foot trampoline, and a laser maze—to help children build the critical skills they need to succeed in everyday life.

Other areas of improvement may include:

• Functional movement / play skills

• Gross motor function and coordination

• Locomotor skills/running

• Eye-hand coordination

• Crossing the midline

• Motor planning

• Motor sequencing

• Mental processing

• Visual motor/perceptual motor skills

• Proprioception and balance

• Appropriate social skills

• And more

A Confidence-Building Approach

Most of our equipment tracks results as they happen, so your child can gain the confidence that comes from seeing his or her performance improve over time. Learn more about our Success Builds Success approach.

The Experts in Therapeutic Exercise

Our integrated movement specialists have at minimum a four-year degree, and bring extensive experience working with children with varying developmental delays, low self-confidence, and low self-esteem, as well as those who have difficulty with functional tasks.

A Company Created to Serve Others

In 1989, Marc Sickel wanted to create a company that would help families address the same challenges he faced as a child growing up with special needs—not just the physical challenges, but the emotional challenges as well. From that idea, Fitness for Health was born. His unique perspective has enabled Fitness for Health to create unique solutions that really work—even for families who have tried just about everything. Learn more about Marc.

How to Get Started

Call (301) 231-7138 or register for a FREE tour or open house to learn more.