Success Stories

  • Internal Medicine
    Former President of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine

    The principles of this bioDensity device are based on published research of mechano-transduction, meaning that loading of the body creates an adaptive response. This research has existed for over 100 years. The cleverness of the device was the level of loading the individual was able to receive while ina safe and controlled environment. Once learning about this device, I not only prescribed patients exercise/therapy sessions with it, but I also engaged in the use of the device myself. My personal use saw an increase in spinal density and maintenance in hip density within normal T-score range. The spine was osteopenic and was less so after bioDensity use. Equally important was that my full body force production capability increased by 169% in the eight months of using the osteogenic loading protocol, just one time, either weekly or bi-weekly. Since this initial experience, I have seen other positive bone mass density outcomes with the use of this device, and I am excited to share my experience so other practitioners like me can use this knowledge with their patients.

    Eleanor Hynote, MD

  • Orthopedic Surgery

    I was fortunate enough to be one of the initial 400 test subjects for Osteogenic Loading via the bioDensity Device. As a Physician, I realized that the vast majority of the population should be using this technology to access the human body’s own natural process for creating bone mass, and building tremendous levels of muscular strength. I have always been involved with fitness, and have been an advocate of the curative nature of the exercise, but no modality I have come across has the potential to change the lives of so many millions of people like this one. In my own personal use, I saw a force production increase from my neuro-musculoskeletal system of 119% in thirty-two months. Others that I observed in the program had similar responses, along with improved bone mass density and posture.

    Steve Shifflett, MD

  • Double board certified, Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine

    In my practice, we use bioDensity as a part of an all encompassing wellness program that includes dietary recommendations and other modalities. Patients see the documented benefits of osteogenic loading on their bioDensity performance reports which enhances compliance. Patients enjoy coming back every week for the osteogenic loading experience, which is fast, safe, and convenient, but most of all they know they are improving their bone health, and general health without the concerns of pharmacological side effects. The psychology of using bioDensity is profound because the patient really sees how they can be put in control of a large aspect of their health, which will provide benefit for the rest of their lives.

    Warren Ross, MD

  • Veronica D, Parent

  • David O.

  • Christine M, Parent

  • Fitness for Health provided excellent long-term services for my special needs child who was overweight partially because of his psych meds, and also for his younger sister who needed short-term occupational therapy because of a birth injury.

    L, Parent

  • “My travel soccer team participated in EDGE training at Fitness for Health over the offseason. I cannot say enough positive things regarding the training. The friendly and knowledgeable staff customized workouts specifically for my team. The unique game-style workouts not only made the training fun for the girls, but reinforced key areas like speed, reaction time, decision making, and spatial awareness directly correlating to the girls’ vision and movements on the field. I would definitely recommend Fitness for Health for any team looking to take their game to the next level!”

    Stephanie Eyler

  • It’s 9am and I’m alone and walking into Fitness for Health for an appointment. Initially, my husband had to drive me everywhere. I’d been in recovery from a series of surgical procedures and I was extremely fearful of falling.I’d get out of the car with difficulty,and with assistance, get up the curb, walk up the steps, turn and walk very unsteadily to the heavy front door which had to be opened by someone else. Today the fear is considerably lessened and without assistance I am now able to do everything I mentioned. The individualized, the staff, each with their own background in related therapies, the spirit of Fitness for Health, the constant analysis and tracking of progress enabling changes to be made to my schedule, and always in a timely fashion. Not only am I driving again, but the gains in mobility, and no more bruising from my imbalanced walking and running into things. I work hard, and so do the different trainers, therapists.I look forward to every hour I spend at Fitness for Health.  I am now looking forward to my 90th birthday. Its just up a few steps and around the corner…EASY!

    Roz Harris

  • Lately I’ve been doing a new kind of exercise program. It is called bioDensity, and it’s not just good for my body, it’s good for my mind. It is over at a great place in Rockville called Fitness for Health, which calls itself a gym, but I’ve never been to a gym like this before. Since the sessions are short, you can fit them in anytime, even on your lunch break. My plan was weekly, but since everyone’s individual needs are different and are also based on your goals and schedule, you will work out the frequency with your fitness specialist. Since starting the bioDensity and Power Plate therapies at Fitness for Health, I feel like not only has my health improved, but specifically, I am doing better as a whole. My balance has improved. My energy and stamina have improved. Although MS pain ebbs and flows, I feel that it has also decreased. Without a doubt, bioDensity and Power Plate have made a huge improvement in my life. Just like their top of the line exercise equipment, the atmosphere at Fitness for Health is like none other. The staff make you feel like family. You can tell that they are truly invested in your progress. Although definitely a secondary concern to your health, scheduling appointments is always a quick and pleasant process. There is nothing like loving your doctor but hating their office. Well, none of that here. From the science behind the process, to the owners, the staff and the equipment, everything at Fitness for Health works together in harmony to form a great team. Thank you, Fitness for Health.

    Tina Baker

  • My experience at Fitness for Health has been truly unbelievable. I am doing things I didn’t think were possible… I came to Fitness for Health with some skepticism because that’s my nature. My doubts only increased during my first visit when Marc showed me the equipment their clients used. I thought, ‘How could these ‘toys’ possibly do anything for me? “I am a 70-year-old grandmother born with a mild case of cerebral palsy…I had fallen several times, one fall resulting in a knee fracture at which point my children convinced me to use a cane when I walked outside. I felt as though my body had betrayed me and I could no longer depend on it. I became cautious and as a result, reduced my activity…Marc and the FFH staff have been incredibly creative tailoring the activities I do to my specific needs. With their encouragement and persistence, I’ve gotten stronger, improved my balance and used muscles I didn’t know I had. “Marc presents me with a new challenge. My response: ‘You’ve got to be kidding!’ I’m convinced it’s impossible. And yet, to my amazement, after repeated effort, I accomplish it. I can now walk up a flight of stairs without holding on to the railing. I haven’t been able to do this since childhood. “The most significant aspect, I believe, is the increase in my physical confidence. A loss of such confidence often results in fear which inhibits older adults from engaging in physical activities.

    Lola Byron

  • Fitness for Health has been coming to CCBC Children’s Center every Friday afternoon for 2 years.” “The children love them and so do our staff. Enthusiastic, patient, and fun teachers plan a wonderful hour of activities and exercises that are developmentally appropriate. The class has a waiting list every week!!

    Lisa McAuliffe

  • “All the children and teachers look forward to Tuesdays when Mr. Chris, Miss Bristal, and FFH come to play.” “The FFH staff is knowledgeable, creative, energetic, and passionate about their work. They understand how gross motor skills impact social and emotional development. And they are determined to help each child develop the abilities necessary to participate successfully in school and feel confident in a variety of settings. “They recognize individual needs, and coordinate with classroom teachers to effectively address each challenge. They also have the greatest equipment and most fun ideas. They inspire children to work hard and take risks. It has been a true pleasure to work with Marc Sickel and FFH…and we look forward to our continued partnership for the benefit of our children.”

    Paula Sayag

  • “I have had the honor of knowing and collaborating with Marc, Chris, and the team at Fitness For Health for many years.” “They truly give to each client a sense of care, encouragement, and self esteem far beyond what is required for targeted goals. The quality, dedication, and expertise provided by FFH not only helps in the needed physical growth, but each client leaves with a sense of joy and accomplishment, a gift that is truly rare to find. “I have observed closely the growth many clients have made over the years and the constant internal growth FFH has invested in to always keep the client’s needs at their forefront. It has been a complete pleasure to know Chris over the years who is a gentleman in every way as he dedicates himself wholeheartedly to a community that is so blessed to have him in their lives.”

    Sonali Ratnayake

  • “Fitness for Health gives my students opportunities to use different equipment that helps them improve their gross motor and social development skills.” “Staff members are always professional and really care about each and every child. They are always ready to help, and are a great addition to our Physical Education program.” | Kennedy Krieger: School Montgomery County Campus”

    David Chambers

  • I started working with Fitness for Health in February in order to quicken my reaction time, first step and my decision making. As a professional goalkeeper in the NWSL, it is vital to be quick in all those categories. Fitness for Health adjusted my program to specifically goalkeeping and replicated every exercise to a game like situation. They make you think and use your brain in different ways while still focusing on reaction time and not hesitating. In the month and a half that I worked with them, I saw significant improvements in my hand speed, decision making and reaction time. Fitness for Health made workouts exciting because of the uniqueness of it. I look forward to working with them in my next offseason.

    Didi Haracic

  • “Twelve years ago my daughter had her 6th birthday party at Fitness for Health.  It was a huge hit, but who would have guessed that at the age of 15 she would be back on a more serious level working with Reza to improve her eye hand coordination skills and reaction time – both extremely important as a lacrosse goalie committed to play at a D1 school in the fall of 2016.  Her prior lacrosse training had focused on strength, speed and agility, in-goal training, but she had never had an opportunity to receive specific training that was really geared toward improving her reaction time.  We have seen a very steady improvement in her response to the ball and ultimately in goals saved.  Reza continues to work with my daughter and is constantly challenging her to reach the next level.  Reza thinks outside of the box to test my daughter’s abilities, stimulating areas that enhance the response time.  We are very fortunate to have Fitness for Health and Reza that together provide my daughter with a unique training opportunity.”

    Sharon Foery

  • I 100% believe that working with Fitness for Health has bettered my game. My position requires eye-hand quickness and cognitive quickness.  Reza has created drills that have helped me.  I am able to focus more acutely on the ball and am able to respond at a much faster rate than before I started working at Fitness for Health.” |  Georgetown Visitation 2016/U of Cincinnati 2020

    Madison Foery

  • “There’s something here for everyone! The games are engaging and fun. Before you know it, you are getting a workout and having a great time too.”

    Sarah Wayland

  • “My daughter was afraid to exercise because she believed that she would injure herself. Fitness for Health trainers worked with her and now she has a gym membership and takes responsibility for her own health. This is a real success.”

    R, Parent

  • “They were really good at giving me personal one-on-one (attention) with my severely disabled son to enhance my sons quality of life”

    V, Parent

  • “ Fantastic trainers who know how to work with the children who meet the children on their level”


  • “We loved you guys. There’s no place like you. We would absolutely recommend you and we have. If it weren’t for the amount of speech needed we would have continued. Thanks for being there for our kids.”

    J, Parent

  • We loved the facilities and the OT’s were off the hook! Julie was awesome with our son!

    E, Parent

  • “T loves the teachers Chris, Bristal, and Reza and the facility is top notch. They make fitness fun and that’s what’s important to me!!! There is never a day they don’t want to go!!!”

    T, Parent

  • Fitness for Health has helped so many children! Marc Sickel brings a rare combination of expertise, idealism and creativity. The facility is state-of-the-art, cool, and fun. The staff knows how to interact with each child in an individualized and positive way. A great resource for children with motor difficulties and other developmental differences. Highly recommended. 

    Dan Shapiro

  • Our son starting coming to Fitness for Health after his occupational therapist suggested it. At age 6, he was years behind other children in terms of physical development. Two years later after once a week sessions, he has caught up to his peers and is so excited to be playing with them on soccer and basketball teams. We feel like Fitness for Health made him stronger, more confident, and helped with his motor planning skills. We couldn’t be more thankful to the very professional and dedicated staff!

    Pam and Jeff

  • “My oldest son was walking with a walker or in a wheel chair. He is now walking on his own and he doesn’t have to have a death-grip on a cane or on an adult. He has a degenerative disorder and the best thing for him is to keep him active. They are showing how to keep him active. Not only do they do wonderful things with him here to get him moving but they are giving me things to do with him at home, to keep him as active as possible for as long as possible.”

    V. D.