Taking Care Of Your Health As a Senior Is Easier Than Ever

March 18th, 2020
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As senior health is in the forefront of news coverage concerning the coronavirus outbreak, I am happy to bring you a guest article today from June Duncan.  June is the co-creator of Rise Up for Caregivers, which offers support for family members and friends who have taken on the responsibility of caring for their loved ones. She is author of the upcoming book, The Complete Guide to Caregiving: A Daily Companion for New Senior Caregivers.



As a senior in the 21st century, you have more information at your fingertips than any generation prior. One of the biggest perks from all that info is that you have access to more ways than ever to stay healthy. From your insurance plan to mental health matters, you have all the tools you need to prioritize wellness, no matter how many birthdays you’ve seen. Keep reading for a quick rundown on important healthy habits and information on how technology can help you stay that way.

Tips for senior health

When it comes to keeping yourself at your very best, your first priority is to watch the way you eat. Make sure to include plenty of high-fiber fruits and vegetables, and don’t skimp on the whole grains. Quality protein, such as a boiled egg or serving of salmon, will also go a long way toward keeping your muscles strong and lean.

You can eat healthy from morning until night, but you’ll also want to pay regular visits to your healthcare provider to ensure that all of your efforts are paying off. If you have Medicare, your insurance can help you stay on track. The AARP explains Medicare offers access to dietary coaching under some circumstances, you just need to touch base with your regular care doctor. Some expanded plans include fitness memberships, dental care, prescription drugs, and vision and hearing exams as well.

Make a point to review your coverage with a licensed Medicare representative to ensure you’re getting the most out of your health insurance. Open enrollment runs from October 15 through December 7 each year. If you’d rather handle it on your own, you can log in to Medicare.gov for information on both Advantage plans and Part D prescription drug coverage.

Beyond physical concerns, your primary health provider may recommend that you take steps to keep your mind active. Simple things like working crossword puzzles and even playing video games can keep you engaged. These activities – and especially crossword puzzles – may actually cut your dementia risk significantly. Interestingly, keeping your mind moving isn’t the only way to stay sharp. Capital Senior Living explains staying physically active also promotes cognitive function for seniors.

Old school, new rules

When it comes to your health, the technology of today is an ally our parents and grandparents didn’t have. Thankfully, we do. Your streaming media device, for example, can help you stay active, even on the days you can’t leave the house. If you don’t already have a streaming player, this is a small investment that gives you access to fitness content, cooking shows, and other health-related television, most of which is presented in high definition. One of the best features here is that you can hit pause if you need to take a break.

Your phone is another asset, and there are many apps that can improve your social life and assist you in keeping tabs on your health habits. For instance, ShopWell is a free app that can help you choose foods according to your health needs. Pill Monitor is another no-cost download that helps you track your medication intake. You can also download apps to your phone or smartwatch that help you keep up with how much you’re moving each day and how much you sleep each night.

It is not just you that has access to technology that improves senior health either. Your doctor and pharmacist now have ways to communicate with each other. One way they do this is by sharing data about your health. In doing so, your healthcare professionals can monitor for potential negative interactions between drugs and look for links between changes to your medical routine and new issues that arise.

You only have one body. Make it your number one priority by adopting healthy habits such as eating well and keeping your brain active and alert. And don’t forget how technological innovations can help you do all that and more.

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