Step in the Right Direction

April 6th, 2020
Different is beautiful

Today, I am happy to bring you a guest article from a Fitness for Health student, Brian.  His wise words not only celebrate National Autism Awareness Month, but are very pertinent as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. “Be kinder to one another.”


Like many of my peers, I’ve been looked with averted eyes and subject to being the problem in my past programs, despite my best intentions in being there.

Often, I was treated unfairly and unkindly from other participants in the programs.

Sometimes, even bullied by them.

If I look on the positive, if I didn’t do these programs, I wouldn’t be the leader I am today at the Wheaton Park Stables.

What we could do is talk, instead of act, on how we can help each other build a great community.

People need to learn that everyone’s different.

As Sir Topham Hatt said in the Harvey to the Rescue episode of Thomas & Friends, “Different is what makes you special.”

Many organizations, like Project Search and Most, are helping individuals with disabilities be comfortable in the community by taking trips to places and placing them in job sites.

If we just took time to talk to each other, we could learn more about each other.

We need change and acceptance in the community.

Be kinder to one another.


And learn.

What I’ve learned at Fitness for Health and the CP Project is that teamwork makes the dream work.

Fitness for Health:

Visit to learn about our therapeutic programs for families with special needs. We are also offering TeleFitness4Fun – a new way of movement that will allow our clients and future clients to continue working on their needs of getting their bodies in motion, all while in the comfort of their homes.

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